Helena Vision Care Review

Helena Vision Care Review

Helena Vision Care, Llc is a well-known family vision care center of Helena, Alabama. A high level of qualification and an impeccable professional reputation of the specialists, modern equipment allow the center to provide highly effective surgical treatment of cataracts, retinal diseases, anomalies of refraction, glaucoma, strabismus and other ocular pathology. Besides, the center offers a wide range of eye diagnostics and exams.

Helena Vision Care

Eyecare Services

Frame Selection and Eye Lens Exams

The selection of glasses, frames and lenses in Helena Vision Care is carried out by experienced specialists. Consultations include eye examination and individual selection of glasses, frames and contact lenses using the most modern diagnostic methods.

The specialists of the USA eye care vision center will determine which spectacle lenses are right for you, advise which lens material to choose, which coating is preferable and many other important nuances that cannot be determined on your own.

The help of the specialists in the selection of glasses is a guarantee that the glasses will be most suitable for you.

Selection of contact lenses includes:

  • determination of visual acuity;
  • selection of its optimal correction;
  • measurement of corneal parameters.

After the optical power of the corrective lenses is selected, the doctor uses a special apparatus to measure the diameter of the cornea and the radius of curvature of its surface. The doctor indicates their strength in diopters, the required diameter and radius of curvature, as well as the recommended type of lens (soft, hard, semi-rigid; one-day, two-week, monthly, etc.). When selecting contact lenses, the ophthalmologist also gives the necessary explanations regarding the rules for using and storing them, teaches you how to put on and take off lenses, and checks the correctness of their placement in the eye.

Eye & Vision Exams

The Alabama vision center offers to go through a comprehensive diagnosis of vision. In just 2 hours you will get a complete picture of the state of your eyes. Moreover, the super modern equipment will answer the question: “What awaits your eyes in the future?”

Helena Vision Care uses all the advanced technologies and achievements of modern ophthalmology. The use of the latest diagnostic equipment allows the doctor to detect almost all eye diseases: refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism), cataracts (senile and complicated), glaucoma, retinal diseases (including systemic diseases of the body, such as diabetes), and visual diseases nerve, etc.

LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK is one of the most popular and safe ways to restore vision. This high-tech operation allows you to correct even the most serious violations as soon as possible.

The LASIK operation is performed using an excimer laser generating powerful ultraviolet radiation. A feature of the procedure is that laser radiation acts directly on the inner layers of the cornea. Its external surface is preliminarily bent by a partial microsurgical incision. The popularity of the method is due to its indisputable advantages:

  • Laser vision correction by the LASIK method is recognized by the world-leading ophthalmologists as a safe and effective procedure;
  • The necessary result is achieved with minimal risks of side effects;
  • It is possible to correct the vision in both eyes in one procedure;
  • LASIK has the widest range of applications: it corrects both myopia and hyperopia, eliminates astigmatism;
  • The result of the operation is stable: the risk of subsequent visual impairment is minimal.


Dr. Jamie ReidThe authorized person and vision care optometrist of Helena Vision Care is Jamie Reid. She is also the owner of the clinic.

Dr. Reid is providing complete eye and vision care services for the surrounding communities. She provides exams, diagnoses, and treatments of all disorders that affect the eye or vision. In addition to training in eye diseases and disorders, Dr. Reid is also an Assistant Professor at UAB School of Optometry. She is trained to recognize a range of health issues; such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, and hypertension.

Dr. Reid does her best to stay current on the latest advances in eye health and eye care vision and regularly attends continuing education seminars and advanced training courses. It is because of her dedication to continuing education that the Helena eye clinic’s patients receive the most modern and progressive vision care available.


5358 Highway 17, Helena, AL 35080

Phone: 205-664-7577
Fax: 205-664-7654


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