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Does Lashes Extension Affect Eye Vision?

Does Lashes Extension Affect Eye VisionWhen extending eyelashes, the quality of the materials used and the qualification master level are especially important. Correctly performed procedure is aesthetic, painless, safe, does not affect vision, does not worsen the state of health. It is allowed for all categories of women, except for those with individual contraindications.

Causes affecting visual impairment

If the eyelashes extension procedure is performed by an experienced professional, it will not adversely affect vision as said by Lisa Startk working at Pharmacy Express. She is fond of this procedure. She points out that only incorrect fixation, improperly selected length, shape of eyelashes, careless handling of the adhesive material can cause lacrimation, inflammation of the eyelid skin and, as a result, affect the degree and acuity of vision.

There are the following side effects after the eyelashes extension:

  • loss of your own lashes. The reason is related to the high pressure on the weakened eyelash follicles. Frequent extensions and the use of bulky, heavy overhead elements can result in eyelash loss.
  • allergy. If the glue or its vapors get into the eyes or if the glue comes into contact with the skin of the eyelids, it can cause discomfort, redness, peeling, tearfulness, purulent secretion, and swelling of the eyelids.
  • eye trauma. During the procedure, accidental injury to the eye with tweezers or a stack needle may occur. This can cause pain and even loss of vision.
  • eye infection. Artificial eyelashes, as well as the tools used by the master, can contain dangerous viruses and bacteria. If they get into the eyes, they provoke an infection (for example, conjunctivitis, keratitis, blepharitis, etc.).
  • chemical burn. It can be caused by glue in the eye. This can happen due to the inexperience of the master or the client’s failure to comply with safety measures, for example, if the latter opens her eye during the procedure.

Quality of materials used

Adhesives, artificial eyelashes are ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested. The risks of using such agents are minimized. But sometimes unscrupulous craftsmen use low-quality glue that can cause allergic intolerance. Keep in mind that some of the drugs that make up eyelash extension products have side effects. The substance bimatoprost, used medicinally against high intraocular pressure, can cause inflammation and swelling, and even blurred vision.

In beauty salons, professional adhesive agents are used with the lowest possible negative impact.

Violation of technology

Artificial eyelashes will not spoil your eyesight if the master did not make mistakes and used high-quality materials. The human body can react unpredictably to reagents. Therefore, before the procedure, it is necessary to hold an allergenicity test, if the reaction is neutral, eyelashes can be glued.

Possible violations of the extension technique:

  • an excess amount of adhesive agent can get on the mucous membrane, eyelids’ skin, cause chemical burns, redness, pain, which undoubtedly affects the visual process.
  • the hairs are glued too close, their length, density are excessive, the angle and, accordingly, the quality of vision are reduced.
  • ignoring hygiene requirements, not ensuring the proper level of sterility.
  • inaccurate, careless work, provoking the formation of scratches, microtraumas.
  • performing the procedure despite the presence of contraindications.

In order not to damage vision, to avoid problems with its decrease or loss, you should not use the services of individuals or salons with a questionable reputation. Do not be too lazy to study objective reviews or come based on recommendations from trusted friends or acquaintances.

How eyelash extensions affect vision in special cases?

In some cases, the extension procedure can adversely affect the vision due to the personal characteristics of the client.

When wearing contact lenses

Although there are no medical contraindications in this case, the lenses must be removed regularly. In this case, special saline solutions are used, the general sensitivity increases, which is fraught with the occurrence of inflammatory processes. This threatens ophthalmological disorders, up to retinal damage.

With chronic conjunctivitis

With this sluggish process, not only build-up, but also any other intervention can cause a disease exacerbation. Among its first manifestations, there are profuse lacrimation, the appearance of pus. The extension can cause severe inflammation and have a negative effect on vision. It is prohibited to do it with chronic conjunctivitis.

Painful, unpleasant sensations, blurred vision, swelling threaten the eye health. They can be avoided by performing eyelash extensions with experienced professionals. Compliance with the recommendations of the master, correct, careful care will allow you to fully preserve your vision and have a luxurious expressive look.

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